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Choosing the Right Promotional Products for your Business

With all the promotional product options out there, its easy to get excited and order them all. Before placing that order for 5,000 magnetic, bottle-opener, laser-pointing keychains, remember why marketers recommend the logoed items in the first place, and keep in mind these guidelines for choosing the right promotional products.
Promotional Products are items with your brand's logo and contact information that are often given away for free or a low cost. They promote brand awareness and extend your marketing reach.
Promotional products are a great way to get your brand and contact info in front of potential clients right at the time they most need your product or service. Choosing items that serve a related function, like calculators for a financial institution or stress balls for a health brand, will get your company in front of the right customers as they are thinking "boy... I wish I had [your brand] to do this for me". Keep it Related. If you are a soda company, you probably don’t want your customers drinking water. Where as a water bottle could be perfect for a fitness brand. A contractor or home improvement company could get great business off a tape measure or screw driver.  Think of your industry and how people would DIY your service, and start here for inspiration for your promo items. Include Your Contact Info. Sticking to the idea that you want your promo products in front of your customers at the time they need you most, make sure they can reach you at this point! Include your phone number, website, or physical address so they can take action. Minimize Your Waste. Let’s face it. Promo items have a shelf life. Eventually that water bottle, stress ball, or other inexpensive gadget will get discarded. Choose items and materials that are economically conscious, durable enough to last, can be used for an extended period of time, and are easy to pass on to others. Promotional products are a great way to generate excitement and attention to your brand, especially at a trade show or community event. In addition to having the right items, you'll also want a small enough selection to control the flow of traffic. Think of the mall on Black Friday. If visitors have to choose from 10+ items they'll feel overwhelmed... not to mention the long line that will form at your table and turn away interested customers. We believe the magic number is 3-5 items based on the size of your event. You'll want variety but not so much that it impedes your ability to talk with prospective customers! Think you are ready to order promotional items for your next event or just to promote your business? Contact AlphaGraphics of Alexandria for assistance in selecting the right products and designing them. We'll make sure you Get Noticed. Get Business. Choosing the Right Promotional Products for your Business    

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