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Social Distancing Sign Ideas for Your Alexandria Business

As the state of Virginia slowly starts to re-open after the COVID-19 crisis, many Alexandria and Arlington businesses will need to implement a social distancing policy to help keep their customers safe. After all, nobody will want to walk into a store where people are bunched up as they wait in line to pay for their purchases. At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, we have seen a considerable increase in local businesses looking for ideas for social distancing signage. After all, this is the first time our country has been through something like this, so there’s really no prior roadmap to follow. It’s highly unlikely that the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 will be lifted any time soon. The next flu season is just around the proverbial corner, and who knows that that will bring. Here are some of our more popular types of social distancing signs that businesses are ordering.

Sneeze Guards

Keep both your customers and employees safe with a sneeze guard. It creates a physical barrier that can be securely mounted on the checkout counter. It’s made out of a see-through acrylic material that is not only strong, but extremely lightweight. You can also easily clean and disinfect them as many times as required. Many stores such as Walmart and Walgreens have already installed these sneeze guards at their checkouts to help ensure the health of their employees. We can also print signage and decals that will securely adhere to the guard and provide additional information such as your new hours or commitment to the health of your customers.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are a great way to convey information to your customers before they set foot in your door. For example, some businesses are only allowing a limited number of people inside their shop. You can have a sign created and placed outside your door that informs people of this policy and directs them where to wait until it’s their turn to enter the front door. These signs are highly versatile and customizable. Choose from one of several durable materials such as PVC plastic, wood, aluminum, and much more! Weather and UV-resistant inks and materials will help keep the sign protected from the harsh rays of the sun and temperature fluctuations throughout the year.


Sometimes you need to go big to get your message out. Banners are an ideal way to inform the public of any new changes of policy and that you’re still open for business. Thanks to large format printing options, there’s virtually no limit on the size of the banner you can have created. If the area your business resides in is subject to heavy winds, you can have a mesh banner created. It’s comprised of holes that allow for the wind to pass harmlessly through yet are small enough to not be noticeable from a distance. Custom inks and materials will allow the banner to stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

Interior Floor Decals

By far, the most popular social distancing sign that we’ve seen are interior floor decals. Customers need to know where to queue up as they wait in the checkout line. You can also use them to help direct traffic flow and prevent groups of customers from inadvertently bunching up together. They’re built tough and durable and can stand up to heavy foot traffic without getting scuffed or torn. If your store lease doesn’t allow for floor modifications, you can take advantage of our temporary interior floor decals which are strong enough to withstand people walking over them but are easily removable and won’t leave a scratch or scuff marks.


Many Alexandria and Arlington businesses are taking advantage of indoor posters to help inform their customers of their social distancing policies. You can have them created in black and white, full-color, and include vivid images to help convey your message. Choose from a wide variety of materials such as high-quality paper, synthetic stocks, and custom finishes. Mounting your posters has never been easier. You can have them framed, mounted on the wall via dual-sided sticky tape, or hung from the ceiling via sturdy cables.

Window Decals

Window decals are a great way to maximize the space on your storefront windows. While social distancing signage is essential, you most likely have other signs that advertise your business. When it comes to decals, your imagination is the only limit. You can have them created in any shape, size, or color—including brightly colored vivid images. Choose from easily removable temporary decals that won’t leave a mark or adhesive stain, or you can opt for something a bit more permanent. You can even have decals created that look just like frosted glass, which will give off a more high-end look and feel to your front door or windows.  

Social Distancing Signage in Alexandria and Arlington

It’s uncertain as to how long the new guidelines will be in effect. What is certain is that social distancing signs can help improve the health and safety of your customers and employees while inside your business. If you’re ready to order social distancing signage or would like to speak to one of our friendly sign experts, give the professionals at AlphaGraphics Alexandria and Arlington Va. a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us via our website. We’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses and organizations create and design the perfect social distancing signs that help keep their employees and customers safe. Give us a call today to learn more!

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