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5 Holiday Print and Sign Ideas for Your Alexandria and Arlington Business

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s a mad rush to December 31st as business starts to pick up over the remaining few weeks of 2020. For many Alexandria and Arlington companies, it’s been a challenging year. However, there’s still time to try to salvage what you can out of the remaining shopping season. Holiday signs and printed marketing materials are just the thing that can help encourage new sales and promote your business. They will allow you to connect with your customers and create a positive connection with your brand well into 2021. Read on to learn more about our top five favorite print and sign ideas for the holidays!

Holiday Signage

There are countless studies that have demonstrated that relevant signage directly translates into increased sales and brand awareness. This sage advice especially holds true during the holiday season when more people are out on the town looking for shopping and gift ideas. You can opt for a sandwich sign that will be sure to grab the attention of people that walk by. Use it to promote a special holiday sale or simply write a non-marketing message that will help spread some holiday cheer. Outdoor flags, banners, and yard and site signs are three more ways you can get the attention of the holiday masses and convince them to walk through your front door. Special inks and durable materials enable these signs to stand up to anything Old Man Winter can throw at them.

Window Dressing

Before the advent of state-of-the-art large format printers, local Alexandria and Arlington businesses would often hire an artist to hand paint holiday-themed scenes on their shop windows. The main downside to this was that come the week of January 1st, the business owner would be forced to step out into the freezing Virginia winter to scrape the paint off the windows. Wanting to get the job done as quickly as possible to avoid turning into a snowman himself, the business owner would often accidentally create scratches and marks on the window as he scraped off the paint. Fortunately for business owners, vinyl technology has improved over the decades—to the point where you can have a vivid and high-quality holiday scene (along with accompanying messaging) printed out and turned into window graphics, window clings, and lettering. Thanks to the high-tech inks used in the printers, your window graphics, clings, and letters can have customized designs and brilliant full-color inks that rival the high-quality of a 1970s hand-painted holiday storefront window.

Holiday-Themed Cards

Holiday-themed cards and invitations are a great way to show appreciation to your best customers. Either give them to your external sales reps to pass out or send them along via a direct mail campaign. You or an employee can manually pass out holiday-themed flyers to people who walk by your shop, or you can leave them on the checkout counter to promote end-of-year sales or other events.

Digital Holiday Marketing Ideas

Perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the increase in online shoppers due both to the pandemic and holiday season. If you have contact information for your customers, email marketing is a great way to reach them in the comfort of their own home. What about your company website? Far too many businesses overlook this fantastic marketing tool during the holiday season. You can add flair or other holiday-themed designs to the home, product information, or contact us pages on the site. Or you can have a dedicated landing page created to promote an upcoming holiday sale. Social media marketing is another excellent way to reach the masses during the holiday season. This can add trust and value to your brand as your social media audiences will share your messages with friends and family members.

Outside-the-Box Holiday Ideas

The greatest thing about marketing for the holidays is that creativity is rewarded with increased sales and new potential customers. You can have holiday-themed promotional products created and passed out to your customers. They can also help improve employee morale when passed out at the end of the year holiday party. If you’re looking to acquire new clients and customers but don’t have an idea of where to find them, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) will allow you to blanket entire neighborhoods with mailers and direct mail pieces that can promote a holiday sale or event.

Holiday Print and Signage Help in Alexandria and Arlington

Now is the time to gear up for the holiday shopping season rush. At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, we can provide you with creative sign, print, and marketing ideas that we’ve seen work very well for other local area businesses during the holiday season. If you’d like to learn more, give the professionals at AlphaGraphics Alexandria and Arlington Va. a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us via our website. We’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses and organizations with their holiday signs and marketing. We’re can provide invaluable advice to help your business achieve its marketing goals.

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